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Smarter operations and sustainable growth, powered by Customer Data Science

Perfect the science of shopping to gain competitive advantage

retail data

Build a Customer First strategy

Solve business problems and fuel results by layering Customer insights into every decision

retail media

Improve efficiency and revenue

Uplift sales, protect margins, make cost savings, and prevent mistakes with greater operational efficiency

loyalty data analytics

Drive Customer loyalty

Create engagement, sustainable growth and new revenue streams through better use of Customer data

Who we help

We help retailers achieve sustainable growth and smarter operations with Customer First strategies and advanced Customer Data Science solutions. We ensure that every decision starts and ends with the Customer in mind – creating loyalty, ramping up efficiency, driving sales, and positioning you to succeed.

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Customer First

When Customer insight informs every decision you make, results follow

Reimagine shopping

Ensure Customers can buy what they want, when and how they want

Boost margins

Grow profit margins with data-driven product, pricing and strategy decisions

Operational savings

Reduce costs, improve efficiency and reinvest where it matters most

Engage Customers

Use insight to create meaningful Customer interactions that build loyalty

Lasting loyalty

Generate results from impactful loyalty strategies powered by Customer data

Whether you’re planning store flow, category alignment, or pricing and promotions, dunnhumby’s solutions boost your chance of success, helping you save time and prove the link between your efforts and business growth.

Smarter sales

Make small but powerful strategic interventions with quality data insight

Maximise margins

Optimise every merchandising decision, from product mixes to pricing

Collaborate better

Align category managers to build comprehensive assortment strategies

Expert advice

Benefit from our wealth of retail Data Science experience

Unlocking the power of Customer data in retail has never been so important. Through our Data Science solutions, you can improve market share, maximise your marketing investment, enhance the Customer experience and reap results from every campaign you run.

Grow market share

Ensure marketing is more efficient, impactful, and always led by data

Prove value

Analyse campaigns to demonstrate ROI and unlock new budgets

Customer focused

Improve loyalty with marketing strategies focused on the Customer

Cross-channel success

Achieve consistent results across every touchpoint and channel

Competition for Customers is fierce, and loyalty strategies and initiatives are a key differentiator. But loyalty teams are under pressure to prove value and justify their budgets. Data Science eases this burden, empowering you to design Customer First strategies, collaborate across the business, make smarter decisions and generate demonstrable ROI.

Customer satisfaction

Create loyalty strategies that attract new and delight existing Customers

Demonstrate ROI

Improve loyalty initiative ROI and show clear impact on business growth

Business alignment

Integrate loyalty with promotional strategies to enhance outcomes

Loyalty spotlight

Justify budgets, prove value, and raise loyalty’s standing in the business

Whether you’re pioneering digital transformation, building plans for new stores, managing supply chains or ramping up e-commerce, technology teams must balance risk with innovation. Don’t let data become a compliance headache; dunnhumby’s solutions transform your strategies and position IT as an enabler of positive change.

Synchronise strategy

Harmonise varied retail initiatives with your wider IT strategy

Ensure compliance

Maintain high regulatory and compliance standards across regions

Accelerate innovation

Pioneer innovation across the business to establish IT as a change leader

Streamline technologies

Minimise tech stacks and vendors for greater efficiencies and cost savings

Data Management

Define a data strategy that identifies gaps, areas of strength and improves data management to increase the value of your data

Customer–led insight in the hands of store operations teams enable you to deliver improved Customer experiences everyday, whether through ensuring key products are in store and available or that overall store and shelf layouts are easy to shop.

Satisfy Customers

Reliably meet Customer needs in store with the most relevant products

Minimise lost sales

Recognise Out of Stock impacts on Customers and respond accordingly

Prioritise shelf replenishment

Ensure great availability where it matters most

Easy to shop

Optimise aisle and shelf flows to create more valuable and satisfying shopping trips for Customers

Solutions for retail

Customer First

Amplify insight to create Customer First strategies that drive results

Data Consulting

Leverage real value from your data assets

Customer Strategy & Insights

Truly understand your Customers and unlock your Customer First transformation

Customer Engagement

Connect and improve every interaction with your Customers

Category Management

Improve category performance and deliver sustainable category growth

Price & Promotions

Create value perception and execute promotions that generate measurable results

Insight Monetisation & CPG Collaboration

Improve CPG collaboration and transform insight into commercial opportunity

Retail Media

Unleash the potential of Retail Media and unlock new revenue

With targeted retail solutions from dunnhumby, you can make better decisions and enjoy sustainable growth, happier Customers, and greater market share

Like-for-like sales growth with Category Management

Sales uplift with Customer Engagement

Margin gains with Price & Promotions

We help a range of businesses put the customer first

John Lewis Partnership - delivered advanced customer insights and retail media expertise
RaiaDrogasil - category management, customer-centric, customer knowledge, dunnhumby shop
Tesco - category management, retail media, retail media solutions
Walmart Data Ventures - delivered shopper insights & retail media platform
Coop Norge - retail promotion optimization & data insights
foodstuffs - delivered category management & insights monetisation
Exito - retail media, customer knowledge, category management, dunnhumby Shop
Metro - improved customer engagement and knowledge, category management with dunnhumby Shop
Meijer - retail media solutions, offsite media, personalization, category management
Raley's - delivered shopper behaviour and insights, customer engagement and knowledge
Majid Al Futtaim - Carrefour - delivered data-led decisions, improves the Customer experience and grows sales using Customer insights
Ahold Delhaize - insights monetisation, retail media monetisation

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