Retail Essentials

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Retail Essentials

Data analytics & intelligence to improve customer experience and deliver long-term growth


What is it

An intelligence and decision-making toolkit for retailers. Customer insight, operations and merchandising teams benefit from this solution, as it facilitates data analysis and interpretation to make informed decisions and deliver up to 5% like-for-like annualised sales growth.

Improve customer
knowledge &
Grow annual
sales &
Make data-

What questions can it help you answer

What are my customers buying? How do they behave? How can I use data to identify shopping trends and patterns?
How can I spot actionable insights fast? What is the impact of my decisions? How can I optimise return on investment?
What are my priority areas of investment? How can I create competitive advantage and gain market share?

Key elements

Retail Essentials is a unique suite of tools, operational processes, reporting and advisory services to fast-track your journey into the world of retail data analytics and intelligence.

1 Data-insight solution combining sales and customer data sources
2 Customer priority and opportunity quantification
3 Optimised price investment
on key selling items
4 Improved category performance via space, range and display
5 Structured promotion intelligence reporting to improve flyers and promotion plans
6 Customer relationship management and personalised marketing campaigns

How we do it

A 4 step methodology (assessment, planning, deliverables and roll out) to improve your sales performance in just 6 weeks.